By developing your personal efficiency to a high level you will rise to new levels of success in life, both through outer and inner personal growth. Your own personal capacity can be increased to the point where you can reach both your professional and personal goals.

Studies show that there is a correlation between how effective and successful a person is and how subjectively happy that person is, including its view and relationship with itself.

Efficiency consists of three main components:

  • knowledge
  • skills
  • wishes

If one of these components are missing, a person will not be as efficient as is possible for him/her/other gender.


Maturity and character are important forms of personal mastery, and precursors for efficiency. As we mature, we at some point have to become independent individuals, able to act in a manner such that we can take care of ourselves without other people doing that job.

The next evolutionary step past independence is interdependence.

Interdependence is when two or more people, already independent, act in a way that benefits all parties, more than they would have accomplished on their own.

Other important values to have is to be loyal, even to people that are not present; to realize when one has made a mistake, and apologize; and to forgive oneself, as well as others, and not to spend unnecessary energy holding a grudge.


Take control

It is important to know that you have the opportunity to take control over your life and to steer it in the exact direction you want.

You yourself are responsible for your reactions to everything in life. (A reason why thoughts manifest physically.)

Reactions are something we can control, and over time the can become automatic (picture the person that screams and swears when he smacks his finger).

If you take the time and use your conscious effort when something happens (before your response) you will notice a gap between the action and the reaction. You will see that you have a choice. Free will.

This is so important that by changing your reaction to different situations you will be able to change what situations occur to you.

Set Goals and Make Plans to Reach Them

When you have a clearly defined goal that you think of everyday it will be easier to see what choices to take and what reactions you need to have in order to reach it. It will be clear to you what needs to be done first, and what can wait.

To have the final destination as a clear image in your mind, as you are already there, and at the same time creating a long term and several short term plans with the route to get there, will have a positive effect. (Check out some imagination techniques to practice here.)

Establishing goals may seem hard and that people tend to have more than one thing in life in which they are interested in. This is not black and white. Play with it. Do what makes you feel good. It is important to use your imagination and put yourself in a situation that makes you feel the most ecstatic. The more you do this the more clear and strong the images will be, and you will be able to steer your life more towards what is right for you.

Do not worry if your goals and sense of purpose change during the journey, the most important thing is that you start. It may be a good idea to set goals for the different areas of your life, i.e. health, career and personal life.

Dealing with People

With these things covered you may focus on relationships with other people and how to interact with people to continue your evolution. People have a tendency to be stuck in their own views and paradigms and will not change them, and definitely not because some other person wants them to. If they are presented with a suggestion that serves both their wishes and their values, they will not have any objections.

Always look for the win-win situation, instead of a compromise.

Listen whole-heartedly to others with the purpose of understanding them, their values and opinions, then try to make them understand you. It is important to first seek to understand, instead of just bombarding them with your opinions. This way of dealing with situations will give more of a symbiotic relation where the end result can surpass what one part would have accomplished alone.


All of the subjects discussed here are key personality traits in successful people, great leaders and people that are effective in their personal lives and in relations with others. By making the topics of this article an integral part of your life you will notice significant differences in your own efficiency and self esteem. Your self esteem is strongly connected to your feeling of mastery, efficiency and control of your own life. By following at least some of these advice and acting in a manner similar to thousands of successful people before you, you too will follow the law of cause and effect and gain increased success.

Keep indulging in new knowledge. Always keep evolving and bettering yourself. You may eat healthier, exercise, read up on interesting topics or anything else that might feel right for you.

«Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.»

Albert Einstein