Stress, anxiety, fear and concern can all melt away if you just relax. The same goes for physical pain like headaches and muscle tensions.

Think back to moments when you were suffering tensions brought about by frustration, anger, fear or depression and notice how easy you may have “gotten your feelings hurt” or reacted. A friendly, innocent remark that you would laugh at any other day, served on a day when some adverse event has left you feeling down can all of a sudden be received in a wrong and personal way and you become offended and hurt. This illustrates that it is not the external inputs that leave you hurting and disturbs your inner peace, but merely your own attitude and response.

It is impossible to feel fear, anger, anxiety or any sort of negative emotions while the muscles of the body are perfectly relaxed. This is confirmed in scientific experiments and shows how utilizing relaxation techniques can ease your mind into peace and positivity. Utilizing one or more of the following techniques for 21 days until you make it a habit to totally relax once a day, and from then on remember the feeling of total relaxation throughout the day as needed, will prove helpful. You can also do a 5 second reboot (explained here).

Using Mental Pictures to Relax

Sit in a chair or lie down on your back. Close your eyes, start taking deep breaths and bring attention to your body. Feel one body part at a time and notice if you are not totally relaxed in every muscle. «Let go» of the tension. Feel the muscles around your eyes, in your forehead, jaw and neck. Relax them. Do this throughout your whole body. You can spend up to five minutes on this method of relaxing by conscious control. After this you will use mental pictures, or goal pictures, to further your relaxation.


Picture Number 1

Feel the weight of your body against the surface beneath you and imagine that it is really heavy, perhaps as if it was made of concrete or rock, or even metal – whatever is easiest for you to imagine. Feel the weight of your entire body, all at once or part by part, pushing against the surface and imagine that someone else or even you (if that does not creep you out) try to move you, but can not even slightly manage to do it.

Picture Number 2

Relax totally and notice everything that is touching your skin. The pressure from the surface beneath you, the textiles that compose your clothes, and the air around you. Try to let go and imagine that you are sinking through the surface you find yourself on and out into free falling/sinking. This can be really special and relaxing if you are able to let go.

Picture Number 3

Imagine that each of your body parts are inflatable, like balloons, and that you let all the air out of them one by one until all your limbs lie collapsed and limp against the bed. You may feel as if you become part of the sheets.

Picture Number 4

Imagine a special memory where you felt very relaxed. It may be a cabin or a special place in the woods, in the mountains or by the sea. Try to imagine as many details as you can, like the feeling of wind on your face, the smells, the sound of a babbling brook or birds chirping. Remember how relaxed and still you felt. Let the feeling fill your being. Make it as strong as you can.

If you practice one or more of these exercises daily you will be able to create more vivid pictures in your mind and to connect physical sensations to your imagination. This will make it easier to relax and to imagine certain goals you want to reach. The Law of Attraction is more effective when you tie in emotions and physical sensations. This provides a good foundation for conscious creation of whatever mental states you wish to have, as well as the manifestation of the external world you want to live in.