Do you believe that you have free will?

The question remains unanswered by science. Philosophers and biologists since the beginning of recorded history have taken positions on both sides of the debate.

Here is what I believe, and have found to be true in my experience:

You, as a physical body-and-mind-based sense of Self – you, as the physically focused being looking at a screen right now – have the free will to choose how you will react to life, and what perspectives you will believe in.

It is up to you.

If you choose to believe that you don’t have free will, you will experience life as completely outside of your control.

If you accept that you have free will, you will gain a sense of empowerment.

Whatever you choose to believe in will become somewhat experiential for you.

You are in control, whether or not you believe that you are.

Not believing that you have free will might bring you a sense of relief; a sense of not having to worry about what happens, because you can’t change it anyway.

This let’s you off the hook. It can be very liberating, and helpful, at least for a while.

This feels good because it comes with a true assumption; “I can relax. Everything happens the way it is supposed to happen.”

It feels good because it’s true. But there’s still a limitation with this perspective. It’s important to accept the understanding of free will, at least to some extent, because it’s the only way to lead yourself fully into empowerment, fully from the victim state into the empowered state, fully from the sheep-like state into the Creator-state.Person meditating in Lotus position. beams of light and energy are flowing all around.

Free Will operates on a deeper level than the physical mind-based sense of Self. The Awareness that we all share, as a collective, IS Free Will. It is not bounded by any limits of the mind.

This is what can be hard to believe for many people; because it basically means that everything that has ever happened to you, everything that will ever happen to you, is a product of free will. It means that you are the doer, you are the chooser, of your own experience. This makes people angry at the messenger, or the message itself, because they don’t want to blame themselves for all the horrible stuff they have been through.

Nevertheless, it’s a good perspective to have. It will get you out of the victim state altogether.

Everything that happens in your experience is in your best interest, and is created by a level of your own Being, or your own Awareness, or your own Higher Self Consciousness.

It is crucial that you start to accept this idea. If not there will always be some sense of being a victim, of feeling betrayed by the universe.

Instead of seeing things as,

“What will I choose to create next? What do I desire to do now? What will Free Will choose now?”,

you will see it as,

“What does life have in store for me next? What will God create for me next? It might be good. It might be bad… Probably bad, because that is what seems to be happening for most people anyway.”

Everything is chosen by you, and in your best interest. Sometimes you cannot see the exact reason why, or make sense of the things you experience. But by having the perspective of Free Will, you can learn something from every experience.

You will become more and more conscious of how Creation works, of how Free Will really works. You will regain your power as a creator.

We, as a collective, need to get rid of the idea that we are victims of circumstances.

Start cleaning up your set of beliefs. Take on the beliefs that feel good and expansive and empowering. Try on different beliefs, and let how they feel be your guide.

There is nothing more empowering than knowing that you are the creator of your own experience of life. And it is a fun idea to explore.