We experience ups and downs. It’s natural. Life is cyclic in nature.

Nevertheless, one can get stuck in a rut of self-pity and self-judgement, which is not cool.

This one trick will help raise the baseline of your state of being, and stop you from falling off your path and spiraling downwards.

When we encounter a negative feeling, originating from a false belief that lack can occur to us, it is helpful to have a safety net to bounce us right back up to neutral. To baseline.

You have seen rough times in your life. You have made it through. Everything shall pass. (Not the case for a Balrog Demon meeting Gandalf, though.)



“You shall not pass!”

You feel bad because you care about yourself. You want to learn. To evolve. To fix a problem. If you bring your conditioned mind with you in this process it is easy to define that you’re feeling bad means that you are not learning and evolving. Let go of definitions like that.

The trick: 

Redefine feeling bad as something amazing.

Create a safety net to catch you and put you right back up to neutral, should you fall.

Pay attention to your state of being and how you feel.

When you start to feel bad, react with joy because it means that you love and care for yourself. Otherwise it would not feel bad to be in a state of being that is out of alignment with your truth, it’s an alarm system. Don’t judge. Ease yourself away from the situation. Chill for a moment. Meditate. Do a reboot. Get back to baseline and maybe even raise your frequency.

When you are calm, then you can feel deep into subtle and not-so-subtle lack-beliefs you have that triggered the negative feeling. Notice and appreciate the passion that you have to clarify them. You become grateful for your passion to evolve, and that you did not give yourself a hard time for having a negative feeling. You’re not beating yourself up about feeling bad, or falling into a downward spiral of self-judgement.

This process becomes a holistic experience of self-compassion and investigation. It feels good. You take care of yourself. From this positive point of view you can face your fears, insecurities and worries with love and appreciation knowing that this ritual is proof of your passion for growth and self-love. A balanced inward view like this can eliminate recurring problems from your experience of life and will indeed raise your baseline frequency.

You are the master of your vibrational state of being. Everything around you is a reflection of this, and so by dominating your vibration, by dominating your frequency, by dominating your internal state of being – not by dominating your environment – you design your experience.

By raising your baseline state of being you will fly higher and higher in this cyclic experience of life. Your peaks will be more ecstatic, and your valleys will not go below baseline. You will appreciate the learning and evolution that can happen in the valleys. Use them to accelerate and gain momentum for increasingly blissful peak experiences.

Are you feeling bad? Yes? GREAT!
Are you feeling good? Awesome!