Every moment, you create your own state of being. You create everything around you, including your surroundings. Reality is somewhat like a dream. You create everything. Maybe you’re not conscious of it at that time when you dream, but as you wake up you start to understand.

Reflect upon the full significance of free will and know that you are powerful beyond measure. Let it sink in.


The Quick Reboot vs Long Meditation Sessions

Meditation is a phenomenon that has increased in popularity over the last years. The goal most of the time seems to be to sit, be quiet, and don’t think. Many people feel that they can not stop their thinking, and often when they try to do so, their minds speed up even more.

Instead of trying to stop your mind, just relax it. Let it go. Notice how you feel. And notice that you are. Notice how everything is. You can not stop a thought; it is too. Just relax and observe how everything is, both the physical and non-physical.

This is a form of meditation. Make it a habit to notice that you are. To pay attention to what is. To the now. Just relax for some seconds and reset your mind, in a way. If you do not feel like sitting down for 30 minutes every day doing meditation, that is fine. Just make it a habit to relax your mind and notice what is, several times every day; do a reboot. Several 5 second reboots during the day can be more powerful than a longer meditation session, and definitely less time-consuming. Do what resonates with you.

The Shift from Sadness to Serenity

All of us have had times where we have felt as though the loss of something physical has been devastating to us. The loss of a family member, a breakup or the loss of an object upon which you project a lot of sentimental value. Perhaps you have, like me, noticed that you can switch your state of being between the sad sorrow-state and a fresh and spacious, neutral state. Maybe even to a state of bliss. And back into sadness if you want. In situations like these the power of the reboot becomes clearer. When you bring your state of being back to neutral you have a peaceful and unprejudiced foundation to create any state of being you want. And your state of being will soon manifest itself physically. That is the law of attraction. So experiment with the reboot and learn it’s power.

Oftentimes I find myself smiling or laughing when I reboot. Suddenly a cloud lifts from my mind and I feel lighter. I tend to find it easier to notice and appreciate all the beauty around me in everyday situations.

Frequent reboots like these are as great by themselves as in addition to any meditation routine.