• Visualization for healing yourself through self-love and acceptance
  • A bit about trolls (for real)
  • John Lennon

Lets skip right to it!

Once upon a time a troll was defined as a mythical creature who ate farmer’s goats or turned to stone in the light of day. Now, in the age of internet they are more often defined as someone who comments or posts something with the intention of causing maximum argument and disruption.

Trolls are sometimes smart, sometimes stupid, but often devious and cunning in their ways. They can be unsung internet heroes craving for attention in any form. Or they can be that crazy old 8 feet tall man living under a bridge trying to eat goats and the small, but nutritious (and gluten-free) children of the land of fairy tales. Trolls are misunderstood and feel unloved and unworthy, hence they try to stir things up just to be seen. The more resistance they meet, the more intense and hard to ignore they become.

Big Troll is hard to resist and ignore

Big Troll is hard to resist and ignore. (From: Trollhunter)

OK. Now that your initial urge to hear about trolls is at least semi-satisfied, lets move on to some ways to combat them, using the power of love, as the lovers that we are.

Everyone has insecurities, doubts, fears and negative thought patterns. Sometimes they are more prominent than others. By resisting, shaming or ignoring these feelings they will grow stronger. We need to see them.

Imagine these feeling as little angry, hurt, jealous and insecure trolls that scream for attention. By fighting or ignoring them, you are actually feeding the troll. The troll wants a reaction. It wants people to go completely apeshit throwing insults and hatred in all directions. That kind of validation serves as delicious troll food. By reacting you bring your energy down to troll-level yourself and confirm to the troll that what it does is working. It will grow bigger and cause more of an internal turmoil. These trolls are part of you. They embody the qualities that you are afraid of having, that you resist and don’t fully accept.


Troll is looking to make you as miserable as it is by dragging you into its drama. Deep down troll craves love and accpetance.

Troll is looking to make you as miserable as Troll is by dragging you into Troll’s drama. Deep down Troll craves love and acceptance.

Often when another person annoys you, it is because they act in a way that remind you of some minor part of you that you don’t like. You see a part of yourself in them, a part that you try to stow away. And when that other person hasn’t stowed that part of him/her away you may react with anger that they let their troll out, unlike you!

That screaming troll inside of you suddenly brings you out of your peace. You may direct anger towards the person or circumstance you think made you feel that way, or against yourself or your inner troll. Remember, a circumstance cannot control your state of being, only your reaction to the circumstance can. The circumstance is just a reflection of you. It doesn’t matter who you blame or get angry at or create resistance against. It is the action of blaming, resisting, or pitying itself that causes the contraction and inner turmoil.

By accepting the troll, by accepting the part of you that you resist, by accepting your insecurities, your feelings of unworthiness, your fears – you can transcend.

The troll is screaming for attention. For love.

By loving all of yourself, even the troll that is living as an incarnation of all your fears manifested, you can transform it. By radically accepting this puny creature as part of you, as deserving for love, you heal inner conflict and at once feel more integrated and complete.

The troll can turn to stone by shining this kind of light on it. It can be freed from being a troll through love. (Y)

Hippie lvl 99

Our friend John has been using the power of love to combat trolls since the 1940s!

Our friend John has been using the power of love to combat trolls since the 1940s!

The healing troll-transforming love-visualization:

  1. Identify and name what is bothering you, e.g. fear or jealousy. Try to be very specific, for example fear of not being accepted due to my personality, fear of someone being better than me at something, fear of being unworthy.
  2. Try to find out reasons why it is bothering you. Try to be rational and chances are you will see that it is not as bad as you think. It is for example not rational to let yourself be devalued by comparing or by others opinions.
  3. After you have identified what is bothering you, visualize it as an entity – for example a troll – and try to understand and eventually accept it. It wants to be seen, not ignored. It wants to be loved.
  4. Visualize yourself hugging this troll while overflowing it with as much love as you can. See the whole universe shining a loving light on the troll while you are hugging and loving it, accepting it wholeheartedly as a part of yourself. By doing this the troll often becomes less troll-like and transforms into something more at ease and beautiful.

“Love your insecurities, neediness and validation-seeking. Love them to death. Literally.

Resisting and hating them will only make them more apparent. Love and let dissolve. And live and let die. This is how you transcend them. They are there because you have things to learn about your true nature, and how you already are abundant and loved beyond measure.”

How to Always Stay Rooted in True Confidence

By doing this visualization you can learn to accept more of yourself by shining the light of consciousness on parts of yourself that you have stowed away in the dark. By doing this you will naturally find that you become more accepting of others as well. When others reflect parts of yourself that you have learned to love and you show them total acceptance you provide them with the best opportunity to become conscious of their own fears and transcend them. By doing this you will get a greater sense of unity in yourself and others. You start to glimpse how we are all One.

All trolls seek reactions, but don’t sacrifice your peace trying to point out someones true colors. Any lack of character will be revealed in the end. Instead accept the trolls and show them the same love as you would wish upon yourself or anyone who you really care for.

“When you evolve, the people around you can’t help but evolve. The ripples eventually spread around the entire globe.”

Why You Should Stop Trying to Fix Others

Try this simple yet effective visualization right now.

Don’t feed the trolls.