Almost everyone derives some of their self-worth and confidence from what they believe others think of them.

We are validation-hungry beings.

This comes from our conditioned mind, our ego, and it is part of the human experience.

We love to compare. We compare ourselves and others. We compare all the time.

Think about it.

Does comparing make you feel good?

Is it possible to live a life without comparing, or at least without attaching importance to our comparisons?

Contemplate these questions.

Comparison has been said to lead to suffering. Comparing will eventually lead to you feeling that something is lacking. A belief that something is lacking is the cause of human suffering.

Does lack exist?

Short answer? No. It can not exist in a universe of infinite creation. In fact it is the only thing that does not exist, except as an illusion created by you.

In a world where we can get instant validation from several different social media platforms literally all the time, it is easy to become addicted. This does not create a solid foundation for true confidence. You may feel good and have a sense of confidence; nevertheless, it is conditional.

Always ask why you are doing what you are doing.

You should be doing the things you are doing, for you. Because you find them joyful. Not because you are seeking the validation and acceptance of others. You may feel very self-confident when you get it, but when a time comes when you don’t, you can easily feel like you’re worth less and become needy.

Shift your perspective.

You are the creator of your life. You are eternal. You are Awareness experiencing all of Creation. You are love. We are all one. You are The One.

Once these kind of realizations become increasingly clear and integrated in your mind it gets easier and easier to remember your true nature. You are loved. You are complete. You are abundant. It’s no need to be needy knowing that this is your true nature.

Value yourself as you value others, and value others as you value yourself. Love thy neighbor. Remind yourself of this. Notice if you put yourself down in relations with others. This is not healthy for anyone. Remember who you are and show warmth and love, to yourself and others. Call to mind that others also have their own insecurities and need for validation.

Love your insecurities, neediness and validation-seeking. Love them to death. Literally.

Resisting and hating them will only make them more apparent. Love and let dissolve. And live and let die. This is how you transcend them. They are there because you have things to learn about your true nature, and how you already are abundant and loved beyond measure.

When you find yourself complaining, pitying or blaming, replace those thoughts by imagining the situation as the best thing that could possibly happen. This starts your creative juice machinery and immediately creates good feelings. By doing this you let go of the past, accept what is and accelerate your evolution into manifesting more of the reality you want.

Know and remember who you truly are, why you are doing what you are doing, love unconditionally and redefine situations to being the best thing ever. Simple, but not easy. Where would the fun be in that, right?