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Finding Your Purpose First?

We are bombarded with everybody else’s life choices.

“Maybe I too should start my own bakery, like Terri!”

“Oh, look at Sara making a fortune on her coaching business. If only I could find MY purpose.”

“If Justin Bieber can be such a ballin’ gangsta, I can too!”

By wanting to see clearly the desired end-goal, the outcome, before you start the process of doing something, you are likely attached to the outcome. Do what you enjoy, and enjoy the process.

The path is the goal.

People who opt out on studying-and-climbing-the-career-ladder-working-8-hours-a-day-on-some-random-job-that-they-see-as-“just a job” seem to look for some kind of revelation as to what their purpose is. If they only could find that one thing, that love-at-first-sight-feeling-kind-of-thing, that enabled them to always love what they do, that would be their true purpose, right? Then they would make a million while they are still chilling out in their underwear and haven’t gotten out of bed. Everything would just click right into place.

This way of seeking a specific outcome will most likely not get you very far. Instead, love the process and be free from the outcome, and paradoxically an outcome that you find most desirable is likely to manifest.

In other words, you don’t have to remember your “soul’s purpose” for incarnating here, to begin to act upon your excitement. If it is relevant to find out about that, you will see it when you are ready.


Follow Your Joy First, Always

What should be the main focus is following your bliss. (True confidence too.)

When you ask yourself what you really want to do, what feels most joyful to you, or what makes you tick, you will not be able to answer correctly if you let your fears control you. Fearlessly allow excitement and joy to guide you.


Following your joy from point to point will lead you on a trail of unexpected, blissful, meaningful experiences. Follow the breadcrumb trail of your excitement and you will be more of service to yourself, everyone and everything than you ever could imagine.

You may start out by chasing cars around for a while (Ok, probably unlikely unless you are a dog, but who am I to judge – besides, I love dogs), then you may find out that what you like is actually the running that goes with it. After a while of really enjoying running, learning a lot about it as you go, you find out that you are highly interested in helping people finding the right kind of running shoes for their feet. This could lead to you wanting to learn about posture and create a youtube channel for all things posture. You might learn that the Egoscue method seems to be what is most helpful for you to help people balance their bodies and you start a clinic practicing this method.

See that chasing a car around could lead to you finding out more and more things that give your life a sense of meaning and purpose, just by following your bliss, fearlessly.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t think about why you are doing the things you are doing, because you should. I am saying that you don’t need to know your “purpose in life” for diving fearlessly into whatever makes you feel tapped in to truth – to Source Energy if you will.

First follow your joy, always, and you will understand the purpose of you doing so.

Everything Is Inherently Neutral

No event, situation, thing, condition, word, sentence or thought means anything. Nothing has meaning before you give it meaning – or choose to let other’s definitions of what something should mean, be true to you. Inherent meaning is something people don’t think about. Most often we just accept that certain things mean that we should feel and react in certain ways, and then we learn to automatically react and feel certain ways when certain situations appear.

When people close to us die, the collective human reaction is sorrow and a certain amount of time spent mourning. Other times when people close to us have been suffering and struggling to keep alive for a long time, we are able to accept and welcome death as a thing of beauty, a bringer of peace.

What if you had been born into a completely different society?

Imagine a person from an entirely different planet, with completely different collective beliefs. On this planet death is worshipped as a transition into something new that only those who are ready for it get to experience, at their own consciously or unconsciously chosen time. Death is seen as the most beautiful thing a person experiences before moving on to something new, and every second of life is seen as a build-up towards the grand art of dying. When someone dies on this planet people joyfully celebrate and automatically react by feeling genuinely happy for the person who died.

None of these different meanings are more true than the other.

Different planet, different society, different collective beliefs.

Different planet, different society, different collective beliefs.

There are plenty more examples.

Different cultures here on Earth have different customs – Some people nod their head for yes and some people nod for no. In some circles poop is funny, in some circles it is taboo. (Haha, poop).

You can play around with assigning different meanings to things, testing what feels most joyful and most in alignment with your Self. You don’t have to choose to have the same beliefs as everyone else, you can pick and choose from other people’s points of view or even come up with your own, depending on what feels best to you.

Be fearless. Be bold. Keep believing that if you follow your excitement, things will work out. Trust the universe. Trust yourself. Keep digging into your bliss and know that you are able to embody what you wish to embody. Dream big. In psychology this is called a growth mindset and is crucial if you want to evolve.

And remember that your life doesn’t have to feel like a smooth ride with no obstacles, challenges and trials. Such things can be aligned and joyful as well, in a way, but they don’t have to be. Here is a nice quote from Mark Manson’s ode to the dramatic life of writer Charles Bukowski:

“And what Bukowski understood more than most was that doing what you love is not always loving what you do. There’s an inherent sacrifice to it. Just like choosing a spouse, it’s not choosing someone who makes you happy all the time, it’s choosing somebody who you want to be with even when they’re pissing you off.
It’s something that feels like an inevitability, like you have no choice because this is simply who you are, dysfunction and all. It’s your chosen vehicle towards death. And you’re happy to let it take you there. But you’re under no illusions that it won’t be a bumpy ride or without surprises along the way.”

There will be bumps in the road and ups and downs, but you don’t have to turn every bump into a big deal. That will just fill your life with unnecessary drama.

Instead make the best of your circumstances and don’t let them dictate your state of being. Your state of being attracts and manifests your circumstances. Therefore, letting the circumstances dictate your state of being creates a loop. Be positive, take control, be confident, play, be of service, follow your joy and enjoy.

Empowerment Exercise

For two hours you are going to choose whatever affirmation, thought, vibration, image, feeling etc. that makes you feel as best as you can. The first 10 seconds of every minute during these two hours will be spent consciously feeling into and choosing whatever makes you feel the most connected to your joy. This may be affirmations such as e.g. “I am the One creator”, “I am powerful”, “I am taking responsibility for my happiness”; It may be a feeling that is more abstract and less wordy, or it may be an image or a visualization. Anything as long as it seems like what makes you feel most tapped in to source, to life, to joy, bliss and ease right then and there. Find that feeling during those first 10 seconds of every minute. You can set a timer for every minute to make it easier. For the rest of the minute you can keep doing whatever you were doing. Until the next minute.

If you do this, even only for two hours, your life will change. You will create a momentum of empowering and joyful states of being, not holding on to one state until it fades into something “random”, or waiting to take your cue from your circumstances. This gets you in the habit of consciously choosing your frequency. You will be in constant creative mode, taking control of your state of being! This is a highly effective mini-retreat in itself. It is likely that you will keep doing this for more than these two hours, maybe not consciously and every minute, but more than before.

Set aside two hours where you you can spend 10 seconds of every minute choosing a thought. This time can be taken while you are grocery shopping, walking home, and preparing a meal. Instead of caring what happens, you now choose what happens. This will give you deeper insights into how you manifest your reality.

Follow your own breadcrumb trail of excitement

Follow your own breadcrumb trail of excitement

Following your joy is way of life that puts you right back in the driver’s seat, right back in the director’s chair, as an empowered being having regained your free will. Let how you feel be your guidance to what you consciously choose to focus on. Follow your joy, free from fear, and be blown away by how life unfolds in front of you. Pay attention as you go and you will also be able to connect dots and find every sense of purpose you could ever wish for.

Empower up.