This test measures your current level of hope. Hope turns out to be a big predictor of performance, happiness, achievement, resilience, and all sorts of goodness. When you get your results you will get more information about hope, and how you can become more hopeful.


Read each question carefully and decide how accurate the statement is for you. Then select the number that fits best.


The test is adapted from this article:
Snyder, C. R. , Lopez, S. , Shorey, H. S. , Rand, K. L. , & Feldman, D. B. (2003). Hope theory, measurements, and applications to school psychology. School Psychology Quarterly, 18, 122–139.


Hope Test

1.I can usually think of many ways to get out of a difficult situation
2.I energetically pursue my goals
3.I feel tired most of the time
4.There are lots of ways around any problem
5.I am easily downed in an argument
6.I can think of many ways to get the things in life that are important to me
7.I worry about my health
8.Even when others get discouraged, I know I can find a way to solve the problem
9.My past experiences have prepared me well for my future
10.I’ve been pretty successful in life
11.I usually find myself worrying about something
12.I meet the goals that I set for myself