In this test you can find out if you are deficient in dopamine. Dopamine is a stimulating neurotransmitter that makes you feel confident and outgoing. Drugs like Cocaine and Ritalin work by affecting dopamine. But there are safer, and more effective, all-natural alternatives.

Dopamine is important for confidence, creativity, motivation, pleasure and logical thinking. There are no accurate blood or urine tests available to reveal your neurotransmitter levels. This test is among the best. It is made by Eric R. Braverman, M.D.  Read his book, The Edge Effect, for more of his work.

Dopamine Deficiency Test

1.I have trouble paying consistent attention and concentrating
2.I need caffeine to wake up
3.I cannot think quickly enough
4.I do not have a good attention span
5.I have trouble getting through a task even when it is interesting to me
6.I am slow in learning new ideas
7.I have decreased libido
8.I sleep too much
9.I have a history of alcohol or addiction
10.I have recently felt worn out for no apparent reason
11.I sometimes experience total exhaustion without even exerting myself
12.I have always battled weight problems
13.I have little motivation for sexual experiences
14.I have little trouble getting out of bed in the morning
15.I have had a craving for cocaine, amphetamines, or ecstacy
16.I feel fine just following others
17.People seem to take advantage of me
18.I am feeling very down or depressed
19.People have told me I am too mellow
20.I have little urgency
21.I let people criticize me
22.I always look to others to lead me
23.I have lost my reasoning skills
24.I can’t make good decisions