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Energy Flow and the Hips  

The key belief system of Tai Chi and Qigong revolve around Qi – an energy flow in all life. The chakras in yoga follow a similar principle. Regular practice of Tai Chi, Qigong or yoga help the proper flow of this life energy in and around the body, but the stressors of modern life sometimes cause the energy to become blocked, leading to physical and emotional problems.  

When this energy is blocked in a particular part of the body it is often connected to negative thoughts and emotions being stored there. This can be seen in how people with depression often complain of aches and pain. A study from the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reports that vague aches and pains such as joint pain, hip pain and back pain are among the presenting symptoms of depression. But even the mentally healthy experience negative emotions and are carrying bad memories. Depending on the nature of these emotions, you will store them in different parts of your body and may experience pain or tightness in those areas. Many people aren’t aware of these issues until a certain yoga or Tai Chi pose triggers an emotional reaction.

What Emotions Are Stored in the Hips?

The hips are located at the second chakra, also known as the Svadhisthana. This chakra is connected to pleasure, sexuality and relationships of all kinds. If you are holding pain in the hips it may well be because you have trauma connected with these areas or are anxious about them. Women who have given birth recently have obviously experienced intense trauma in the hips and could benefit from therapy to heal the physical and psychological damage.

The Power of Hip Flexor Stretches

One of the best ways to release tension in the hips are hip flexor stretches. This will help loosen your hips, stabilize your entire body and hopefully improve your overall alignment and reduce chronic pain. Needless to say, completing the recommended hip flexor stretches can significantly improve the quality of your daily exercise routine.

Can Yoga Help?

Psychology Today comments how people often experience intense emotions after a hip opening yoga class. This is because, as a spiritual practice, yoga poses explore where the mind and body meet. The Yoga Journal reports how it common for even successful, confident adults to break down into tears in class due to a pose releasing some personal pain. If you are experiencing hip pain or tightness, yoga could be a good option. Make sure to tell your teacher about your condition and he or she will advise you during hip opening exercises.

The hips are an intimate area and can tell us a lot about our mental wellbeing. If you are experiencing hip tightness or pain, consider what it could be telling you about your mental wellbeing. Trying regular hip flexor stretches or hip opening yoga could well help you with your physical and psychological pain.However, take care: pelvic pain can also be caused by serious conditions such as ovarian cysts, interstitial cystitis, even appendicitis or cancer. If you are concerned consult your doctor.

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