Integral Thinking

The best sign of wisdom is the ability to integrate viewpoints into your own philosophy of life. This means to see how seemingly divergent viewpoints converge at a deeper level – To accept differing ways of life as a part of the whole picture.

Stages of Consciousness

As we grow as human beings we pass through some stages of consciousness. Most of us feel like NOW we have it all figured out. “The others just need to know what I know”. But, as you go through the stages you think back on how little you knew a couple of years back, but NOW, this time, you’ve really got it all figured out. This process of going deeper in your understanding will never end. It progresses at varying speeds for different people, but it never ends, and eventually you will see how it all starts to connect. You start integrating.


Accelerating Wisdom

When you start realizing that you’ll never know it all, that you will always evolve and you fully embrace this fact of life, your wisdom will deepen at a faster rate. You start opening up to life. You cease clinging to your ideas as you – your identity. Mental blocks dissipate and you start noticing connections between the various ideas, cultures and religions. Different ways of life reveal themselves as being the same at a deeper level. The world becomes less threatening. You start rapidly extending your idea of who is in your tribe. You understand the origin of ego. Death loses its sting. Life begins.

Tons of love,