The term “Oneness” has always interested me.

“We are all One.”

This is non-duality. Everything is a big field of consciousness, like a big ocean of all that is. Where is the individual? Is there even an individual?

At first it seemed hard for me to grasp that there is only the One, but I felt there was something to it, something that intrigued me – like the video above still does – and so I did not dismiss it. After all it often takes time to understand deep truths and mature into a new point of view (read more on that here).

Jiddu Krishnamurti’s wisdom was telling me that comparison only leads to conflict, something that I still contemplate and keep integrating. Still, I sometimes felt guilty for having desires and the seeming urge for comparison. I felt that my desire to grow, expand and keep learning was egoic in nature, and I could not seem to make it fit into the concept of non-duality. This seems to be quite common when first learning about the concept of non-duality.

If everything was one, how was I supposed to express myself and my individuality?

I soon found out that feeling guilt for having desires and wants was a dead end, and I started accepting my desires and my excitement – listening more to my heart. I came to the understanding that consciousness is everywhere, and that I am just one of many focal points for consciousness to experience life through. My physical body and all my experiences that have conditioned my mind is a filter that I view everything through.

Every circumstance is inherently neutral, but my conditioned mind have automatic responses and it projects meaning onto my circumstances. I realized that I could become aware of the filter. I saw that it was possible to use the small gap between stimulus and automatic response to choose a new reaction, instead of my conditioned one. After a while free will took on a new meaning. I still remind myself of this and practice it.

I realized that I continuously paint a picture of me and everything and everyone around me.


A picture is not the depicted. And the depicted is not the picture.

The description is not the described. And the described is not the description.

This was a profound insight for me. It meant I had never met anything but my own experience of the world. I had never experienced anything apart from me. It is impossible to escape experiencing, to escape awareness.

I am all that is. And so are you. We are consciousness experiencing every experience in all of creation, from infinite points of view. When we put away all the descriptions and pictures, we experience our true selves. Purity.

On this deep level of experiencing we are all one.

Observe without judgement. This pure experiencing, free from images and mental constructs, is love.

Think of a Car and You Receive It! Wait, What!?

I had heard of the law of attraction from the movie The Secret. Although it was a perverted way of portraying it I felt a sense of truth in it. And so, as time went by and I learned more from other sources, I grew my understanding of how the law of attraction really works. By embodying what you desire you eliminate the separation between it and you. By becoming the thing you wish to manifest, you already have it. It is already here, as everything always has been and will be. There is no separation. You can become anything you want by shifting your focus, your awareness, to it. Make the feeling of what you want and what that symbolizes to you fill your being.

Let it excite you. Love it. Love.

I, the Ocean. I, the Wave

We are meant to be individual expressions of consciousness experiencing itself in every possible way. We are meant to love, to create and follow our joy and excitement. It feels good because it is true. We are all One, and we are all individuals. Think of it as a wave in an infinite ocean. A wave is just a small part of the ocean. It can express itself deep down in the ocean or it can float on the surface, rolling over itself, creating peaks. The wave is still the ocean.

The experience of duality – i.e. of good and bad – is an illusion created inside of non-duality, and is an essential part of the human experience. When we realize the true depth of our existence – that we all are one – we have a solid foundation to create any experience we desire, if it is relevant for us.

This is a short summary of my view of non-duality, individuality and the law of attraction, integrated in my mind, in a way that resonates and feels true to me. If you get a kick out of some of this, great, integrate it into your life. If not, simply leave it. If these concepts are all new to you, there are a lot of resources out there. Find one that resonates. Only take what resonates.


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