I recently wrote a post on how being free from outcome and loving the process brings about your desired results. I touch subjects such as presence, law of attraction, love and also include a way of viewing the fabric of time and timelines that may propel you into a new paradigm.

“When you enjoy the process of doing something, you are free from outcome. By that I mean that you are not emotionally attached to a desired future scenario. You want something, but don’t need it in order to feel good.

Two quick examples:

1. You talk to another person for the purpose of getting validation – an outcome. This shines through and you come off as needy.

2. You talk to another person and you are actually having fun. The fun will transfer to the other person.

You can guess which one of these is more likely to get you any desired result you might have.”

Read it here: http://www.unlimitedchoice.org/blog/power-of-choice/loving-the-process/