Upgrading parts of a whole, equals an upgrade of the whole. One individual can change a civilization. By changing yourself you change the world. A common theme of those that impact and change the world in great ways is their hunger for knowledge and growth. By becoming the best version of themselves they improve the lives of those around them—and in some cases, millions of people. They lead by example; they inspire a revolution in the individual. The baseline of global consciousness increases. Collective belief systems changes. This is an art and science we will refer to as Civilization Upgrading. Everyone that upgrades civilization by becoming the best versions of themselves are Civilization Upgraders (CU).

Who Are the Civilization Upgraders?

We are your neighbor, the artist, the scientist, the student, the smiling girl on the street, the psychonaut, the old woman feeding birds in the park, the recovering addict, the curious kid, the CEO, the yoga practitioner, the entrepreneur, the visionary, the man sitting in silence on a city bench, your brother, your sister. We have glimpsed something bigger than our human selves; a purpose, visions of service. We fight fear every day. Our weapon? Love. We sense that we are all one, and we see other beings as ourself. Whether you know it yet, or not: We are you.

Artwork by Eleathar

We are one being, yet we live in a realm of duality. No good without bad, no hot without cold, no lies without truth… No one without many.

Our perspectives are changing and our world is changing. A civilization upgrade is inevitable. Even the self-serving forces of this world play an important role in it. Governments, corporations, banks, and the shadow elite all work as catalysts for our ascension. Their actions require us to step up and become more loving, become more brave, to take more action.

We grow in strength, number, and spirit.

We Want YOU to Be a Civilization Upgrader

This is arguably the most exciting time to be alive in the entire history of Earth. The world is awakening; we are evolving our consciousness, knowledge, and technology; secrets are disclosed. The world will look completely different in a few decades. How smoothly the transition goes, and what is on the other side of the horizon, is up to all of us. Ultimately, it is up to you, Neo.

Help by Helping Yourself

You cannot change other people.

Lead by example.

Change yourself to change the world.

Everybody has around 1000 people within three links from themselves. Me caring for my neighbor makes it more probable that my neighbor will care for her neighbor. And so it goes.

We are all connected. Mystics and quantum physics unite in this truth. A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil creates a revolution in China. Two particles can be in instant communication with each other, no matter the distance between them; a connection that puzzles physicists, because it implies faster-than-light travel. This is called quantum entanglement, and Einstein referred to it as “spooky action at a distance”.

At the quantum level we are all one big field of conscious energy. A rock, a thought, and a body all consist of the same stuff if you look closely enough.

Like a wave on the ocean affects the whole ocean, an individual affects everything else. Be conscious of what you bring to this unity. Help the universe by helping yourself. Try these 4 Ways to Raise Your Frequency and Feel Amazing.

More on this: The Universe Talks in Frequency, Not Words.

Are you stuck in inaction, not creating what you are here to create, and just watching the news instead? Rewire Your Negative News-Craving Brain, And Bring Value to the World.

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Instantly get a more positive outlook on life by learning how to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

Turn every negative situation into a positive one with this simple life-hack to avoid going into a downward spiral.

Learn to increase your brain levels of important brain chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and GABA by taking our online course on brain chemistry.

Regain a basic sense of control over your life with these 6 Universal principles to set you free.

Help by Being of Direct Service to Others

There are plenty of ways to be of direct service to others. When you have taken care of your own state of being, you are ready to be of the most effective service to others.

“If you’re not happy you’re not helping.” – Bentinho Massaro

You can raise awareness or funds for a cause you resonate with, do volunteer work, smile, listen, love, create art, sing, dance, consume less meat, consume less in general, build a community… The list goes on.

All of those things will ultimately be of service to yourself as much as everyone else. Everything is connected, remember?

Planting Seeds – Questions to Meditate On

“Can I be more unconditionally loving?”

This is an important question to ask. Can you be more unconditionally loving towards yourself? And towards others? What is the difference between the two? Is there even a difference? Are you not one? Can you love the One more? Don’t try to think of an answer, just sit with the questions and see what arises.

“Can I be more fearless?”

Can you be more fearless in your desires? Can you dream bigger? Can you be more fearless in expressing yourself? Can you act out of love and desire, instead of out of fear and aversion? Can you be more fearless in serving others?

Artwork by eleathar

We have the power to create the world in our image. By working on our own stories, we change the collective stories, and thus the world.

You have power. Use it wisely. Imagine the best world you possibly can, then bring it into existence.

Civilization Upgraders bring forth a Global Civilization Upgrade.

Featured artwork:
All the images used in this article are made by Francesco Dell’Orto, aka Eleathar. Check out his work on Instagram and Facebook.