Disclaimer: I am not saying you should kill yourself. Allow me to explain.

By surrendering to what is, in this moment – not fighting and resisting it – I die before I die. Total acceptance of what is already accepted into existence by existence itself.

What a relief. It’s done. I’m done. My fate is sealed, in this moment. And this moment. And this moment. My past is sealed, too. The next moment, another fate of mine is sealed. Another in this moment. And this moment.

I am writing this to remind myself to accept what is. I can’t control shit, except how I react, or not react, to what is! Let go. Embrace what is. Surrender to what is. Go with the flow.

The paradox is that when I do this, life seems to unfold before me, immediately, more in the direction I tried to steer it. Also in new, totally unexpected ways. Trust that life supports you. That you don’t have to control things. Enjoy the ride. Experience the freedom that occurs when you take your hands off the wheel and just sit back and enjoy. You can be a co-creator of your life and the whole universe when you accept that you from your limited perspective can not know what is going to happen. From your higher self’s point of view, you can. By accepting what is, now, and staying present you will be able to tap into your higher self’s perspective

Let go. Be in awe of what unfolds, through accepting what is. Flow. Float gracefully through life knowing that everything is impermanent. Every thing is impermanent.

All is taken care of, in this moment. Your past, your future, everything. Accept this. Surrender to it. Do not resist it if it seems bad. Do not cling to it if it seems great. Accept either way without attachment. Nothing is permanent. No thing is permanent.

If something seems bad it is often because you have a negative belief and definition of it. If something feels good it is often because you have a positive belief and definition of it. However, the negative belief, the lack belief, may cause you to contract and resist what is. This creates more resistance, more contraction, and ultimately more things similar to what you resisted will manifest. One obvious and scientific reason here:
A Reason why Thoughts Manifest in Your Life.

Positive beliefs and definitions are more expanded (thus not contracted). They do not ultimately have to be true, but they shift you more into alignment. They will open you up and raise your frequency so that you will attract more things similar to what triggered the good feeling. More truth.

I am more relaxed when I feel good than when I feel bad.

It is easier to remember all of this when I feel bad, though it seems harder to execute, continuously.


When I feel great it is easy to forget all of this. I am in the flow, everything seems to be going my way. If i forget about this and cling to something that feels fantastic I will eventually get pulled brutally out of alignment, holding on for dare life to an idea, an image of what once was.


To manage to let go and let yourself be guided by you, by the universe, by you seeing from a higher perspective, from infinite intelligence,  you have to have a core belief that life is on your side.

I am abundant. I am worthy. I can. I create. I love.

If you do not believe you are abundant, it is you believing in an illusion that you are not abundant. You can experience the illusion of unworthiness if you choose to. The fundamental principles of the universe, of infinity, is that you cannot cannot. The concept of infinity includes everything, paradoxically except for lack, or lack of abundance.

«You can cannot, but you cannot cannot.»

Bentinho Massaro

People who have had near death experiences often report feeling bliss and total acceptance. They accept that there is nothing more to be done. They let go of the belief that they have unfinished business. They see that – from a bigger perspective than their assumed reality, created by their ego – everything is perfect.

Die before you die to experience the fullness of life while you are still alive.

“You have to die a few times before you can really live.”

Charles Bukowski


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