The Vision

We want to inspire people to evolve and create their reality in harmony with all that is. Global Harmony is bliss, joy, creation, empowerment, God, you, oneness, infinity. Global Harmony is where you create your state of being, and thus your world, in alignment with your truest desires.

Global Civilization Upgrade

Upgrading parts of a whole, equals an upgrade of the whole. This is true for human civilization. By changing yourself you change the world. A common theme of those that impact and change the world in great ways is that they are hungry for knowledge and growth. They improve the lives of those around them—and in some cases, millions of people—by becoming the best version of themselves. They lead by example; they inspire a revolution in the individual. The baseline level of global consciousness increases, and collective belief systems change. This is an art and science we will refer to as Civilization Upgrading. Everyone that is a part of this movement will be referred to as Civilization Upgraders (CU).

The Authors


G loves to read and find connections between all the different areas of life. He writes about a diverse range of topics, all the way from business and achievement to ego and the deeper realities of life. It’s all part of the same truth. He currently works on his PhD in Physics didactics.


P is an intuitive soul full of love and enthusiasm for all things good. He is hungry for knowledge and experiences that lead to personal expansion. As a dreamer and visionary he enjoys to challenge paradigms with the belief that anything is possible.

“I want to act as a mirror for your self-reflection and inspire to create harmony in your own individual life. A mirror is more effective when there is no image in it beforehand, hence I will not help you paint one of me. I see it as more relevant, at this time, to share tools for you to do your own work on yourself, as no-one else can do that.
Infinite Love