“I believe there’s beauty in all dimensions, from the electromagnetic spectrum to cells in flowers.” – Richard P. Feynman

Beauty pulls you out of your head and puts you in an instant state of wonder and happiness. It shreds apart all the thoughts your mind plays over and over of how you’re failing or the constant wondering of how people view you. Attention is outwards to your surroundings. You’re completely present to the moment.

Being immersed in beauty fills you with good emotions. You start radiating a calm happy presence that people notice. Your face lights up, your voice becomes more rich, clear and warm and your body language opens up. Your state of warm and pleasant feelings rubs off on other people because of mirror neurons. When you let yourself be immersed in beauty you make the world a better place, because you influence the people you spend time with.


“They say you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. That goes the other way too. You’re one of those five for other people. When you evolve, the people around you can’t help but evolve. And those people are some other people’s significant five. The ripples eventually spread around the entire globe.” – G

Seeing beauty is a habit, as is seeing the negative. Repeatedly focusing on finding the beauty around you makes it a part of your life. The more you see beauty and open yourself up to it, the easier it is to find even more. You tune your brain to a higher frequency.

Build your life around beauty and positivity. Do not subscribe to negativity. The media focuses on the bad and paints a picture of the world as unfair and horrible. Turn if off and seek out the beauty in human kind. Negativity only attracts more negativity. If you’re not smiling and loving the world you can’t change it for the better. Subscribe to beauty, compassion and love. Move those five people that are close to you in powerful ways, and you make a powerful impact on the world.

Now, let’s dive into the 6 ways you can immerse yourself in beauty.

1 – See Beauty

First of all leave all your judgments behind. We all have our old ideas of what beauty is and we tend to chase the extremes. As a kid I loved fireworks and every year before New Year’s Eve I had to buy more and more extreme fireworks to please my senses. I was not open to what was going on; the people around me and how their faces lit up; the silhouettes of trees; how the light from the firework lit up everything around me.

To see beauty you need to open up for whatever reach your eyes and focus your attention outwards. You can even become one with what you see. Certain activities and states, like meditation, extreme concentration and flow states, have been shown to result in a temporary shut down of the orientation association area (OAA) of the prefrontal cortex. This area of the brain helps us orient in space, navigate distances and keep track of our body’s location. It constructs a mental barrier between you and everything – Between I and not I. When it shuts off you can no longer say that there is a boundary – you are one with the universe. You become one with what you focus on.

You can see beauty by focusing in on the most intricate details. Look at your finger right now. Not just the outlines and what it can do. Really look at it. Focus on all the intricate detail. See the patterns on your skin. Revel in how amazing it is. There is no finger in the world like it. No matter how far you focus in on it with your eyes you can’t find an area of it that is exactly the same as any other in the world.

You can see love happening. Watch love unfolding in front of your eyes. It is everywhere, but we have not accustomed ourselves to see it.

Finally, just open your eyes and watch everything unfold in front of you. See how it is all connected. Nothing is apart from anything else – Not even you.

2 – Hear Beauty

Put on some music that you find beautiful. Preferably listen with a headset. Close your eyes and focus deeply on all the intricate details of the song – All the different levels of frequencies.

Listen deeply to the voices of people you meet. Notice how the voices reflect their mood and present state of being. Hear how someone who is happy and calm has a more flowing, resonant and vibrant voice. Notice the monotone uncertainty that stems from a moment’s insecurity. Hear and see how it is all connected. Smile while you talk and hear your own voice become more alive.

Listen to the birds around you. Hear the rustling of leaves. Take a walk in nature or a park and open up to all the sound. Even silence. Silence can contain the most profound beauty.

3 – Feel Beauty

Start with feeling your body. Do a body scan where you feel the toes, your heel, your legs, your thighs, the pelvic area, stomach, chest, neck, scalp and face. Let go of any tension you find and feel all the sensations in the different parts of your body.

When you’re out walking feel the contact between your feet and the ground. Feel the air brushing your skin – The quadrillions of air molecules that bump into your skin molecules. There are 25,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules in a cubic meter of air at normal conditions. That is 2.5 x 1025 in power notation. The diameter of the observable universe is 8.8 x 1026m, a slightly larger number. Think about that for a second.

Touch the surface of something close to you right now. Feel how the different types of molecular structure result in different electrical signals from your fingers, through your nerves up to your brain, and consequently different types of feelings.

Feel warmth and cold. Be completely present to the feeling of warm, or cold, water when you take a shower. Feel it running over and through your fingers when you wash your hands. Take a walk in the rain. Do not cower away from the wetness and cold. Look up and smile. Revel in it. Enjoy it. Rain is pretty amazing if you think about it.

4 – Taste Beauty

For the next meal do nothing apart from eating. Keep your full attention on the food. Feel the life of the meal – How all the tastes come together. Chew it mindfully and take your time. Do this regularly and you will develop the skill of knowing what would make the food taste better. You will also become more attuned to when you’ve eaten enough.

Make yourself some green tea. Steep it for 2 minutes and drink it slowly with intense focus. Let it run over your entire tongue. Identify the nuances in the taste.

5 – Smell Beauty

Take a long breath deep into your diaphragm and feel the smell of the air. Smell how clean it is or how polluted it is – Either way accept it and feel the beauty in it. It’s amazing how some molecules hitting molecules in your nose turns into a feeling that we think we feel in our nose.

Smell the flowers around you. They developed that smell to attract bees and other pollinators, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying it.


Enjoy the fresh smell of freshly cut grass or the smell of rain after a long drought. Smell the ocean – That salty tangy smell. Smell your food. Smell your lover.

6 – Think Beauty

The last way to be immersed in beauty is using the sixth sense – opening up your mind to beauty. Close your eyes and relax. Summon a strong feeling of gratitude for all things beautiful or a particular thing you find beautiful. Then construct beautiful mixes of all the senses in your mind. Imagination touches reality in a profound way. Let go of everything but the thought. Go through all the things you feel love and gratitude for. Add to the list.

Think of the amazing scale of things – From the smallest imaginable to the size of galaxies and the universe. It is all you. Think of how it all communicates in frequencies. It is all waves on the ocean that is you.




P.s. Where do you find beauty? Add to the list in the comment section.


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