We’ve all done our share of waiting. Waiting to receive something in the mail. Waiting for Christmas Eve. Waiting for our birthdays. Waiting for a date to show up (haha). Waiting for something in the future that lacks in the now.

This lack does of course not exist. Waiting implies that there is a future that is not now, but in the future it is still now. You never have to wait for anything in your life. Waiting is a kind of suffering that you can use for your spiritual growth, like explained here.

Whenever you catch yourself waiting use one of the four following tricks to come back to the present moment.

1. Meditate

You can use whatever method of meditation you are most comfortable with. Focusing on your breath is always a good alternative. Notice that you are waiting and feel dissatisfied. Take three deep breaths into your diaphragm and notice how the breath touches your nose. Start breathing normal and feel the sensation of the breath on your nose. Whenever you catch yourself waiting, go back to the breath.


2. The 5 Second Reset

Use the 5-second reset that was explained in this article.

“Instead of trying to stop your mind, just relax it. Let it go! Notice how you feel. And notice that you are. Notice how everything is. You cannot stop a thought. It is too! So just relax and observe how everything is, both the physical and non-physical. This is a form of meditation. Make it a habit to notice that you are. To pay attention to what is – To the now. Just relax for some seconds and reset your mind, in a way.” – P

3. Do Some Creative Work

Creativity can take you into the moment. Make a poem, start an article or expand on an idea. Get a note-taking app on your phone or bring a pen and paper wherever you go.

4. Concentrate Deeply on What Is

Take in all the details of the moment. See the people walking around you. Hear the birds chirping or the cars driving. Feel the air touching your skin. Smell the fresh air, or smell of kebabs. Feel the taste on your tongue. Concentrate deeply on what is.

Waiting is always an opportunity to practice being – to practice acceptance of the moment. You can work on your beliefs and thought patterns. And when people say to you “sorry I kept you waiting”, tell them that you never wait and enjoy the short moment of confusion.