*A guest post by Alena from Life Affirmations*

I feel like for so many years of my life I had been chasing. Chasing dreams, people, ideas, safety, love and healing. I used to believe that there is this ultimate goal outside of myself, which would finally make me happy, fulfilled and purposeful.

Needless to say, I also wasted so many years not daring to take real chances, falling for the wrong people who left me hollow and heart-broken, leaving countless places to find something I could call ‘home’. All the while I recognized how I’d been losing more and more hope, energy and ultimately myself in the process.

I felt so powerless, trying to control situations and their outcomes, lacking any level of faith or trust in myself or my future. I was sure the answers were out there, somewhere, but I became too tired to look for them at some point.

When we start believing that the answers we seek, or the love, or safety, can be found on the outside, we give our power away to whatever it is we’re trying to reach. This only ends in a huge disconnect from the truth: everything we need is already inside of us.

When we go within, there is an abundance of love, healing, power and dreams – all the answers to our life. It is actually from this internal space that we manifest and create our desired external reality.

Giving your power away can happen in different forms. I was always waiting for the external circumstances to be perfect – not realizing that I myself was defining my days and whether it was an easy or tough, good or bad one.

Also, I gave away my power in relationships by looking for happiness and love outside of myself, most always leaving the other person breathless, overwhelmed, and in the end wanting to get away from me.

At some point, after an ugly breakup and with no place to go, I finally realized my deep inner truth: that I was safe and sound within my heart, that nothing and nobody could touch that sacred place and that I had an inner detector to find any answers, without reaching outside.

It happens so often that we give our power away by thinking the media, a celebrity or scientific study would know what’s best for us. From a larger, spiritual perspective, we make idols out of other people and believe in this false illusion, thinking they are much better than us.

When you are connected with reality and your inner wisdom, you get to realize that we are all one, equal and worthy of love.

When I got my own power and confidence back, there were 3 essential steps that I took:

  1. Come from a place of love

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful and can run amok when you just leave them by themselves. Start to observe them consistently and cultivate self-worth and self-love through this. Most of the time, your fearful thoughts end up looking like judgement, blame, worry, attack, confusion, and so many more. It can be either toward yourself or others, giving you the same kind of energy on the inside. Start choosing love instead, and release the illusions that keep you in a self-imposed prison.

  1. Get in touch with limiting beliefs

Everyone’s got them, and most of them stem from your childhood when you were confronted with the thoughts and words of parents, grandparents or teachers, who you looked up to and believed were right. These outworn ideas are the root of what is holding you back from being who you really are. You stay in a toxic relationship, addictions or a job you hate. When you get honest with yourself and bring the limiting beliefs out into the light, you can finally move forward and start living.

  1. Start trusting yourself

When you shine the light on your limiting beliefs and remove them, you can start trusting your inner guide and the answers it provides. It can be anything from where you need to go, which job to take, what you need to eat and which relationships are helpful to you. This enables you to take empowered action from a place of intuitive knowledge – the more you implement and use this technique, the less you think you depend on the external world to get all of your answers.

Once you are willing to take responsibility for the choices that are going to change your life, you have fully stepped into your own power.

When you start using positive thinking exercises, you will very soon see the beauty in your life unfold.

All of the confusion, excuse-making, looking to others for answers and feeling like a victim of your circumstances are gone.

This wonderful state of being leaves you able to follow the path that is aligned with your highest truth, your soul and authentic happiness.


About the author:

Alena wants to travel the world and bring joy to as many people as possible. She has a great passion for music, design, yoga, nature, health and self-development. Her highest priority is finding her true essence, to wallow in self-worth and learning to let go.

Being with her life partner has brought her to a deeper trust and understanding of her story, to be gentler towards herself and truly believing in her abilities and dreams. Together they have created www.lifeaffirmations.com and are joining forces to build a community to make their dreams come true.