I am sure you too have felt it during the last years, the feeling that something needs to change. The world has been struggling in many ways. At the same time people, like you and me, are dragged towards love, empathy and caring for each other. We humans have definitely evolved a lot as individuals and as a collective. The revolutionary new peaceful and loving paradigm you see in your mind has not yet completely manifested. 2016 is the year of major positive manifestations!

We have seen an increasing polarity between fear and love. Both have become more apparent and «in your face». 2016 is the year where love washes away these screaming remnants of fear. It will offer great relief, like the spring after a long and cold winter. 2016 will bring to us the feeling of having hit home after a long time searching.

You are already perfectly where you need to be: Now! Choose love and happiness.

A lot of you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and that everything you have been searching for is now found. The many different paths you have set foot on will all make sense and merge together, creating a freeway where you can cruise with ease, playing as you go along. We have been gaining an exponential momentum in our evolution as a collective. What we desire will manifest faster than ever. It is time to reap the fruits of our work these last years.

The abundance of life and existence itself will become more evident than ever. Synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, will happen frequently. What you desire will seem to fall into your hands faster and easier than you could ever imagine. As you get used to this immense acceleration you will be able to accurately maneuver towards joy and empowerment. All doubt of you being the conscious creator of your life and reality will vanish.

Lighthouse Beams From Lens Rainy Night Pillars of LightEvery individual’s vibration will rise together with our collective vibration and this will manifest physically in the world. A new earth is here already. Allow it, download it, let it flow out to the rest of the world, manifest it. Be a guidepost of light and help illuminate many others by raising your frequency.

Trust the power of goodness that is everywhere and accelerate the awakening of this world.

Love even the ones whose actions seem hurtful, cruel and incomprehensible. Their actions are fueled by fear. Show love. Show empathy.

We have entered a new paradigm of love and unity. Crystallize it, make it physical, have fun with it.

If you are going to have just one New Years Resolution this year let it be to choose happiness.

All the best!