Create Your Own Reality by Telling Stories

If no one is there to hear the story, does reality exist?

If asked what reality is, most people tell a story.

“Reality is so and so. And it is made up of this and that. The important thing is to do these things.”

You create reality in this moment.

Who are you?

This question has many answers. They’re all stories and they are all created now. Continue reading


How to Change Negative Thinking into Positive Thinking

Direct your attention to one of your positive qualities.

Your brain is now feeding you with reasons why you have this good quality.

“Hey Brain! I am pretty successful, right?”

“Yeah you are! Look at how you handled the business meeting last week. You blew it right out of the park. And look here, how wonderful you are with your kids. And, wow, your golf round on Tuesday was incredible. And look here…”

You can count on your brain to give you more of what you focus on.

But, think about how you’re a failure and your brain still helps you. Continue reading


What Do You Desire? [Alan Watts]

In this beautiful video Alan Watts asks the question that guides you towards an ecstatic life: Continue reading


The Ultimate Purpose of Spiritual Life Is Beyond Happiness and Suffering

*Video at the end of the article*

In non-dual spiritual traditions the ultimate goal of the path of awakening is to become completely free of the mind – to see the present-moment reality without the lens of memories, mental constructs, stories, and interpretations.

The ultimate goal is to step out of separation and into unity, to share one common reality. However close our interpretations sometimes are to each other, they will never be the same. Our interpretations of reality cause separation.

To Share the Whole World with the Whole World

We love sharing our interpretation of reality with similar minded individuals. We are delighted to find people that share our world view. And we seek the company of people with an interpretation of reality similar to ours.

Listening to music, enjoying nature, and discussing existence becomes pleasurable when shared with similar minded people. The consensus gives us a sense of unity and being right. But if we are prisoners of the conditioned mind, this sense of unity among similar minded people can reinforce the separation from the others.

Grid lines, light, and energy flowing out from a hole in the ground. Two humans standing next to the hole.

Imagine sharing the whole world with the whole world. This is the natural state of being for anyone free from seeing things through the mind. We can glimpse it when looking at a piece of art, listening to music, reading a poem, and listening to a speaker. Anything created from a place of no-mind invites you to see it the way it is.

A Happy Dream or Awakening?

Our interpretations can also cause happiness. Life is great when we interpret everything in a positive way. If we believe that the universe is conspiring to help us in every way possible – this is called pronoia, the opposite of paranoia – we are destined for happiness. This, to live a happy life, is a goal of its own. It’s like having a good dream (instead of a nightmare). Many people would be more than content with this. Others just have to see how deep the rabbit-hole goes, and go beyond the dream altogether. Continue reading

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