Do You Have Free Will? You Decide

Do you believe that you have free will?

The question remains unanswered by science. Philosophers and biologists since the beginning of recorded history have taken positions on both sides of the debate.

Here is what I believe, and have found to be true in my experience:

You, as a physical body-and-mind-based sense of Self – you, as the physically focused being looking at a screen right now – have the free will to choose how you will react to life, and what perspectives you will believe in.

It is up to you.

If you choose to believe that you don’t have free will, you will experience life as completely outside of your control.

If you accept that you have free will, you will gain a sense of empowerment.

Whatever you choose to believe in will become somewhat experiential for you.

You are in control, whether or not you believe that you are. Continue reading


When to Human, When to Being

Ask yourself, “I wonder what my next thought will be?”.

Be intensely focused and wait for the next thought.

That conscious awareness, before the thought arises, is Being. It is the void.

The thought is Human. It is form.

Being is the background peace.

Human is the the turbulent sea of emotions and thoughts. Continue reading


Create Your Own Reality by Telling Stories

If no one is there to hear the story, does reality exist?

If asked what reality is, most people tell a story.

“Reality is so and so. And it is made up of this and that. The important thing is to do these things.”

You create reality in this moment.

Who are you?

This question has many answers. They’re all stories and they are all created now. Continue reading


How to Change Negative Thinking into Positive Thinking

Direct your attention to one of your positive qualities.

Your brain is now feeding you with reasons why you have this good quality.

“Hey Brain! I am pretty successful, right?”

“Yeah you are! Look at how you handled the business meeting last week. You blew it right out of the park. And look here, how wonderful you are with your kids. And, wow, your golf round on Tuesday was incredible. And look here…”

You can count on your brain to give you more of what you focus on.

But, think about how you’re a failure and your brain still helps you. Continue reading

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