How to Move Forward by Forgiving

We were recently asked how to get over being hurt by someone close to us. How can we forgive and move on? Parts of this article are based on our response to that email.

It is always sad when someone hurts us. I’ve been hurt myself and I have heard countless stories. It always breaks my heart.

I am also hopeful, however, because I know that there is something better on the other side of situations.

I am not talking about meeting someone better, although that will also probably happen. I am talking about the type of person you can grow into.

The Person You Can Be

Let me just explain the type of person that I know you and everyone else CAN be:

You know you will always grow as a person. You work towards achieving your dreams, but you also enjoy the present moment. You take steps every day to become more comfortable with who you are.

You view every good experience with other people as a bonus on top of the wonderful being that you are. You view any bad experience with other people as something to grow from. You know that things will always happen to you, but that you control how you react to these things.

You have clear boundaries for what you accept into your life, because you have a deep self-worth. When others hurt you, you forgive them. Not because you’re nice to them, but because you’re nice to you. You know that being angry and bitter only hurts you. You let go of the anger and the people that hurt you, and meet new and fantastic people.

You’re able to grieve and be sad, but you don’t let it consume you. You know that being sad and experiencing being hurt is a part of life. You don’t want it in the moment, but you realize that life without hurt is impossible. You cherish what it teaches you. You step into the unknown with courage, not because you know you won’t get hurt, but because you want to live life to the fullest. And living life to the fullest includes being hurt.

Man with a hat looks at some paper in his hand. Image is black and white. Some people are standing further down the street.The twist is that the fun does not lie in finally becoming that person. All the fun lies on the journey to becoming that person. This is the true value you can get in life: to grow and evolve. Not meeting perfect people or always being happy.

When you get to this point you will effortlessly attract better people into your life. But you won’t need them, because you are complete in yourself.

There are two paths you can choose. One leads to the person I just described. The other leads to suffering. Continue reading


Expansions and Contractions: 14 Ways to Create Love and Excitement

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The way we feel can sometimes seem like a bit of a mystery. For some days, or maybe a week or a month, we feel amazing. Then – often suddenly – we start feeling horrible for days, weeks or months.

Almost everything we do is in the pursuit of feeling good; feeling happy; feeling fulfilled. Sometimes we do feel happy. Sometimes we feel like we can do anything. In these periods the smile is never far away, and we are able to give more of our selves to others.

Other times we feel bad. We feel uncertain about life. Why do I feel like this? Why don’t I feel like all those happy people on Facebook? Why are things always going up and down for me? Usually it feels like it’s mostly down’s.

I’ve thought all these thoughts. I’ve felt all these feelings. I am like you. We’re all in the same boat.

What I’ve come to realize is that life is a series of expansions and contractions.


What Is An Expansion?

An expansion is when we are riding a wave of good feelings and amazing momentum. We like ourselves more. We like others more. Good things happen to us. We notice people looking at us and they’re smiling. We feel more love. It is easier to give. We feel free to give our gift to the world – to contribute and do amazing things. We are expanding.

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2016 – The Year of Unity and Rapid Manifestation

I am sure you too have felt it during the last years, the feeling that something needs to change. The world has been struggling in many ways. At the same time people, like you and me, are dragged towards love, empathy and caring for each other. We humans have definitely evolved a lot as individuals and as a collective. The revolutionary new peaceful and loving paradigm you see in your mind has not yet completely manifested. 2016 is the year of major positive manifestations!

We have seen an increasing polarity between fear and love. Both have become more apparent and «in your face». 2016 is the year where love washes away these screaming remnants of fear. It will offer great relief, like the spring after a long and cold winter. 2016 will bring to us the feeling of having hit home after a long time searching.

You are already perfectly where you need to be: Now! Choose love and happiness.

A lot of you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and that everything you have been searching for is now found. The many different paths you have set foot on will all make sense and merge together, creating a freeway where you can cruise with ease, playing as you go along. We have been gaining an exponential momentum in our evolution as a collective. What we desire will manifest faster than ever. It is time to reap the fruits of our work these last years.

The abundance of life and existence itself will become more evident than ever. Synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, will happen frequently. What you desire will seem to fall into your hands faster and easier than you could ever imagine. As you get used to this immense acceleration you will be able to accurately maneuver towards joy and empowerment. All doubt of you being the conscious creator of your life and reality will vanish. Continue reading


Insights Into Awareness and the Nature of Reality

Audio version of the article:

We all know the experience of being told about Enlightenment and Awareness, and then trying to find it. The search for enlightenment will take a lot of spiritual seekers a lifetime. We think we have it for a moment and then we lose it. We cling to it when we have it, and hold onto the feeling of it because we are afraid of losing it again. This comes down to the common misperception that awareness is a state of being or a feeling, when it’s not. Awareness is not something you can find or lose. You have always been and will always be aware and, in a sense, enlightened.

This search for what is already the case takes people to talk to gurus in India, doing Ayahuasca, practicing yoga and meditation. These things can be great fun, but they are not necessities to become aware. You are already and always aware.

Notice that something is reading this text right now. Awareness enables this. Awareness sees, experiences, knows.

The Nature of Awareness

Awareness does not have a form of its own – it is formless and empty; it is not a certain feeling or experience. Awareness can be identified with every experience and appearance, but it is not the experience or appearance. Since it is formless it is always here, ready to wrap its all-encompassing spaciousness around all that is appearing.

Awareness can experience itself, but it never becomes bounded to any single experience. You could say that awareness is inseparable from the experiences it is having – that they are one and the same thing. All objects and appearances you see are awareness.

Every appearance and experience you have is a projection inside of awareness, like in a dream. When dreaming we most often think that what we see are solid physical objects, but when we wake up we easily see that they were merely projections inside our mind. Likewise, in regular waking life every object, appearance and experience is an illusory and empty projection – somewhat like in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and The Matrix. I will explain this further in a bit, including the science of it. Continue reading


Ryff’s Psychological Wellbeing Test

About the test

Our skills and motivations lead us unto different paths in life. The difference in our lives causes us to have different strengths and personalities.

The more you know yourself, the easier it is to accept yourself.

Continue reading

Become Free by Finding Purpose outside of You

Are you often gripped by fear, doubt or anxiety? Are you wondering why you can’t find true peace?

You are probably still living with yourself as your main purpose. When your purpose is yourself you seek pleasure, relief, love, happiness, fulfillment, possessions, respect and recognition. Your life revolves around attaining these external things and you only feel validated when these things come your way. When these things do come your way you get good emotions of varying intensity, further strengthening your need and search for them. It is an addiction.

When you don’t get these things you feel deep disappointment. You feel that you are lacking in some profound way. You feel unworthy or just misunderstood.

When your purpose is you – when your purpose is accumulating experiences, feelings or possessions for yourself – all situations have the potential for robbing you of these things. If you do the wrong thing in a situation, you can lose possessions. You can be blocked from receiving love. You can be blocked from pleasure, fulfillment or happiness.

All situations that have the potential for gain or loss stimulate stress hormones. The little selfish boy or girl inside you might go into fight, flight or freeze mode. An example is when you meet some highly attractive person. It is a potential situation for increasing your chances of receiving love and pleasure. You want this person to validate and manifest your desires. If you make a fool of yourself, on the other hand, the word might spread. The ramifications might be detrimental to you reaching your purpose of getting all these things. Continue reading


9 Reasons Why Mornings Propel You Forward

Do you have big plans but slow progress? Using your mornings wisely can change everything.


Why are mornings so important?

1 – We Have a Limited Amount of Willpower Per Day

Willpower is the ability to override limbic impulses. These are strong feelings that implore you to act out on certain habits. One of these habits might be to check your Facebook. Another habit is to turn on Netflix and watch (just) another episode.

Cognitive science has shown us that we only have a small, limited amount of willpower every day. How, when and if you use this willpower is ultimately the deciding factor for how your life turns out.

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